dear humans

Dear humans of the blue planet,

You have always been an adventurous creature.
As soon as the raft was discovered, you wanted to cross the river. As soon as you discovered ships, you wanted to go beyond the horizon. You soar in airplanes.
Now you want to go even higher into space with rockets to create a new possible home.
We charted the year 2020. Travel fever has broken out again. The most desirable destination: the Red Planet.
In summer 2020, three expeditions were launched to Mars: China, United Arabic Emirates and United States.
We are sending our own expedition and bringing you there.
Fasten your seat belts and join us on ride.

Cosmic greetings!

Online project initiated by Valentina Knežević.


Inga Danysz
Kristin Reiman
Jack Brennan
Kristina Mukhacheva
Robyn Doty
Roberto Barbosa & Valentina Knežević

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